Barco Nexxis NRC-200

Nexxis NRC-200 is a networked 4K room compositor which supporting any type of wired and wireless sources. The NRC-200 Compositor offers the perfect complement to your conference room – and a fascinating multimedia experience. From smartphones to stationary PCs, multiple users can easily connect their different devices to the system.

A moderation function provides previews of all contents before releasing them, and thus you with the complete overview of your meetings. The NRC-200 enlarges or reduces screen contents, displays all resources in correct aspect ratio, and mixes audio signals – all automatically and without any additional settings.

Whereas multiple complex configurations of AV Matrix Switchers, Scalers and Compositors were required formerly, the NRC-200 now replaces all of them in only one application.

The system standardly provides two separate compositor engines, each controlling one 4K display with independent compilation of up to 8 different sources.

Key features

  • Displays up to 8 sources on one or two displays
  • Easy-to-use, touch-enabled surface
  • Easily switch between different views and sources
  • Preview and release mode for moderators
  • Supports DHCP, fixed IP and Link Local addresses
  • Automatic scaling of image data
  • Supports ClickShare sources, MirrorOp, Airplay, H.264 streams and Barco V2D sources 

Barco Nexxis NRC-200
DEKOM is certified Barco Gold Partner