Axeos XPOD

A mobile telepresence room in a closed, soundproof design: the Axeos XPOD is easy to install anywhere in the world - and thus enables high-quality videoconferencing under each identical, both visually and acoustically optimized conditions wherever you are. Equipped with wooden floors, acoustic walls, air conditioning, motion sensors, and optional lighting and furniture, its sophisticated interior offers a complete telepresence environment for up to 3 people on only 6.6 square metres. With different color options, surfaces, materials, and universal hardware compatibilitiy, the Axeos xPOD may also be configured individually.

Axeos XPOD
Axeos XPOD Xray
Axeos XPOD Equipement
Axeos XPOD Inside

Technical details: Axeos XPOD

  • Immersive telepresence room up to 3 people
  • Diameter: 2900 mm, overall height: 2450 mm
  • Sliding door with icy white effect
  • Ceiling performing silencing function
  • Inner wall including silencing function and a neutral blue fabric
  • Several colour fabric on demand
  • Air conditionning
  • Presence detector for lighting