Logitech Sight

Logitech Sight is an AI-powered meeting room camera that is designed to ensure an inclusive meeting experience – as if you were sitting at the same table. It comes equipped with two 4K cameras that capture a 315º view of the room from the centre of your conference room. The AI works together with Rally Bar / Rally Bar Mini to ensure remote participants can always see meeting participant faces, even if they are not looking towards the front of the room. The beamforming microphones also contribute to enhance sound quality in your calls.

Sight is not a stand-alone camera solution. It is designed as a complement to Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. This means you can add it to existing rooms that work with one of these two platforms to enhance your meeting experience. A single unit can be placed in the centre of your medium sized conference room. For larger rooms, up to 2 Logitech Sight units can be linked together.

Logitech Sight will become available for purchase in the summer of 2023


  • Simple installation
  • For use together with Rally Bar / Rally Bar Mini
  • Dual 4K cameras – 315º room capture
  • 7 omnidirectional mics with acoustic beams
  • Ready for use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace