Cisco Telepresence IX5000 Series

Incorporating three 70" Full HD screens and Ultra HD cameras, 18 custom speakers plus subwoofer and microphone rail, integrated lighting, a variety of elegantly integrated presentation connectors along with extensive conferencing and collaboration capabilities, the Cisco IX5000 offers the best, most lifelike communication experience currently available.

Despite its remarkable capacity - the IX5000 Series includes either a single-row, six-seat (IX5000) and a dual-row, 18-seat system (IX50200), it requires only half the power consumption, bandwidth utilization and installation time of existing systems. Since, in addition, its sleek and user-friendly industrial design does not require any room remediation, including any specific HVAC, electrical, audio or lighting needs, the IX5000 Series is easily, quickly and cost-effectively to deploy even in larger quantities.

Cisco Telepresence IX5000 Series
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Cisco IX5000 In Use 01
Cisco IX5000 In Use 02

Technical details: Cisco Telepresence IX5000 Series

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  • Three 70" Full HD screens
  • Ultra HD cameras
  • 18 custom speaker plus subwoofer
  • Six-seats (IX5000) or eighteen-seats (IX5200)