Cisco Telepresence EX90

The Cisco EX90 is an all-in-one desktop solution. The Cisco system’s 24” display can also be used as a PC monitor, and offers a full HD image resolution (1080p). Two integrated loudspeakers including subwoofers provide excellent sound quality, and the telephone receiver supplied is equipped with a headset function. Operation is easy and intuitive thanks to the 8” Cisco Touch user interface, which allows you to start video calls, add participants, share presentations and exchange data - in short, to smoothly manage the whole workflow - in just a few steps. High quality workmanship and sophisticated design make the Cisco EX90 system an impressive addition to senior management desks.

Cisco Telepresence EX90

Technical details : Cisco Telepresence EX90

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  • Display: 24" LCD monitor
  • Dual display output: HDMI
  • Camera: Cisco (Tandberg) PrecisionHD design, Document camera mode, 2.7 megapixels, 1920x1080@60 fps
  • Audio system: 2 stereo front speakers, Integrated subwoofer, HDMI audio input/output
  • User interface: Cisco (Tandberg) inTouch
  • Bandwidth: H.323/SIP up to 6 Mbps point-to-point
  • Video standards: H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264
  • Dual stream: H.239 (H.323) dual stream
  • Multisite features: 4-way 720p30 Continuous Presence (CP) Multisite, H.323/SIP/VoIP in the same conference, Dial in/ Dial out
  • Protocols: H.323, SIP