This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Cisco Profile 65" Dual.

Cisco Profile 65" Dual

The Cisco Profile 65” Dual telepresence system is a fully integrated all-in-one solution. The Cisco Profile 65” Dual system features two 65” displays and a PrecisionHD 1080p camera. This provides crystal-clear video images in full HD and also allows multimedia content to be displayed. The Cisco Profile 65” Dual system is built around the Cisco TelePresence C60 codec. The wide range of connection options and high quality audio components allow the system to be integrated with existing media technology. 

The Cisco Profile 65” Dual system is suitable for video conferencing rooms and prestigious conference rooms. The large screen displays can also be used for displaying content outside of video conferences. The system is also available as a single version with one display. 

Cisco Profile 65" Dual
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