Acano Server

Acano is a software-based solution that can be deployed on the optimized Acano Server and on standard servers in a virtualized environment. Acano unites previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies into coSpaces – virtual meeting rooms, only radically better. coSpaces are at the heart of the Acano Solution. A coSpace is a virtual meeting room that anyone can easily join − no matter what technology they are using.

Acano supported video standards for example SIP, H.323 - available from 12/2014, WebM/VP8 (WebRTC), Microsoft RT Video (Lync 2010), SVC/H.264UC (Lync 2013). This allows each user to participate in the same conference, for example, be performed by a Lync client, a Polycom system, a Cisco system or WebRTC. Acano coSpaces are like team meeting rooms - each has a unique video address, audio dial-in and web link, as well as a persistent chat wall. A coSpace is always available to any team member and, since they are unlimited, users can create them on the fly for any group, topic, or project. coSpaces

Are unlimited — A coSpace is always available to any team member and, since they are unlimited, users can create them on the fly for any group, topic, or project.
Independency of the terminal equipment and application — Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet or PC, place phone calls, video calls and share content in the same way. Have any number of devices you like. Move seamlessly between devices or use multiple devices at the same time. For example, use your video endpoint to see people and your iPad to see a presentation.
Can be used by multiple devices at the same time — For example, a user can use a video endpoint for visual communication and at the same time a iPad, for a better view to the presentation.
Have a unlimited access — No Acano? No worry. Send a simple link for anyone to securely join a video call using their browser with WebRTC.

The Acano server is complemented by the Acano Manager. Acano Manager is included with the Acano solution and includes scheduling, reporting and alerts. The Acano Manager can complete with add-on modules to makes it easy to run larger deployments of collaboration infrastructure at lower costs.

Acano Manager 2.1 features:

  • Full set of video layouts
  • Analytics
  • Licensing
  • Major performance improvements
  • Usability refinements

Add-on modules include Acano Manager Dashboard, Multi MCU, Multi-tenancy and Billing, and Resiliency and are purchased separately.

Dashboard — The module is is for enterprises and service providers that want additional call control and advanced reporting.
Multi MCU — In addition to managing the Acano Solution, other MCUs may be managed from a single page. The flexible architecture of the Acano Manager MCU module allows support for future MCUs that enter the market. Operators also receive alerts, and administrators can see trending data on port utilization.
Resiliency — The resiliency module provides automatic failover. If the primary node fails, the secondary system initializes and takes over the workload. 
Multi-tenancy and billing — The module provides an automated way to manage multiple customers and to provide the data to bill them accurately and efficiently. Enterprise clients can also take advantage of the module for divisional or departmental cost allocations and usage analysis.

Acano provides deployment choice — available via an optimized server, and for virtualized environments it runs on VMware. Acano provides scalable video bridging that connects callers with a high quality experience. There is a full scale audio bridge working with the video bridge and a Skype for Business (formly: Microsoft Lync) gateway.