Multipoint Control Units

The virtual meeting room, the multipoint call, or simply the place where everyone comes together. DEKOM can explain how you can collectively join the meeting and experience the best possible quality, for each participant.

Many business situations require a large number of people around one table, whether for discussions, to exchange information or to resolve conflicts. Video conferences often only offer the option of establishing a connection between two points. The complexity of a multipoint connection also greatly increases when the conference involves systems by different manufacturers, different performance categories or from different network types (ISDN, IP).

A multipoint control unit (MCU) allows you to make this multipoint capability centrally available. This virtual meeting centre keeps video conferencing rooms available, with almost any number of people able to dial in when needed. It also improves compatibility between old and new systems, converts between SIP and H.323, and thanks to first-class upscale algorithms often achieves a higher quality than point-to-point operation. MCUs are a key component in many video conferencing networks.

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"What makes a video conferencing solution intelligent is the infrastructure. It’s the backbone of the video conferencing network."

Sven Fröhlich
Key Accounter, DEKOM AG