This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Safe-com Babylon.

Safe-com Babylon

Modular encryption system for communications connections 

  • Modular encryption platform for communications connections up to 2 Mbps
  • Hardware-based approved triple DES encryption (192 Bit)
  • Secures ISDN/IP (voice, data, fax, video conferences), serial connections (X.25, Frame Relay, Link-HDLC, Link-Bitstream) and satellite connections (Inmarsat)
  • Can be used seamlessly between private and public networks
  • Modular construction to protect investment and reduce costs
  • Protection for teleworkstations and telemedicine
  • Functions are fully transparent to users
  • Flexible configuration of security features by the system administrator
  • Remote management via Safe-com SecurityManager

 Safe-com Babylon encryption products: 

  • Basic, 4xISDN, IP, Gigabit, OSD, PRI, SAT, Serial

 The download includes all product PDFs. 

Safe-com Babylon