This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart 8000.

Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart 8000

Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart 8000 is a portable, complete videoconferencing solution for patient care in the medical area. Physicians can take care of patients without restrictions and the opportunity to be independet of time and location, because of mobile equipment. 

The integration of Polycom HDX 8000 and Polycom EagleEye camera creates a realistic HD video conferencing experience with a resolution up to 720p 30/60fps or 1080p. A connection with medical peripheral devices with a variety of connector panels and integrated switch is possible. AES encryption for HIPAA compliancy and UL 60601-compliant power supply for use in patient environments provide security. The simplified touch panel control, the stable trolley and network independence makes this device mobile and flexible as well

The Practitioner Cart 8000 provides the sharing of high definition videos, audio, and pictures for physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients. The Practitioner Cart solution is also ideal for broadcasting medical procedures for education or telementoring.

DEKOM is Poly Platinum Partner