This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Huawei TP3006/3016.

Huawei TP3006/3016

Systems of the Huawei TP3000 Telepresence series are fitted with up to 16 seats. This series offer state-of-the-art HD video, HD audio and HD content quality. With the three 65" plasma displays, Full HD 1080p / 60fps Video resolution and the use of AAC-LD audio transmission for high-class, you experience telepresence and real size.

The systems of Huawei TP3006/3016 by TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol) are compatible with other videoconferencing solutions. The operation of the systems are simple and uncomplicated via wireless touchscreen operation.

The TP3006 system is designed for 3-6 participants and is suitable as an introduction into the telepresence and for the integration into medium-sized conference rooms. Huawei TP3016 provides space for 16 participants and is equipped by a second row of seats.

Huawei TP3006/3016