Network infrastructure

Plan and set up managed and monitored centrally networks.


Security in enterprise is capitalised. By increasing menaces on the Internet it becomes more and more important to protect itself. Is it before unpleasant intruders from the outside or the protection of internal enterprise documents. Hence, a far-reaching security cover is enormously important. Video conferences offer here a determining advantage, they are listening-sure and protokollierbar and by the installation on your own server have you constantly the full control.

Firewall Traversal

Firewalls are used to compartmentalise data networks. All data traffic between the inside and outside is monitored and only connections specified in the security model are permitted. To prevent your video conference data traffic from being blocked, you need a secure gateway between your LAN and the Internet. Firewall traversal allows easy real-time video communication with particpants outside your own network, without the need for risky security configurations to your company firewall.


Gatekeepers establish connections between terminals and MCUs, act as a proxy, translate addresses and control communication between public and private networks. The gatekeeper is a key component in the video conferencing network.


Gateways carry out communication between different networks, and are able to invert protocols as well as connecting two networks. In addition to this, systems can be assigned passwords, dialling can be controlled and extension numbers can be configured and allocated. The use of a gateway is essential in some certain configurations such as parallel use of ISDN and IP terminals.

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"What makes a video conferencing solution intelligent is the infrastructure. It’s the backbone of the video conferencing network."

Sven Fröhlich
Key Accounter, DEKOM AG