Acme Packet Session Border Controller

The session border controller (SBC) of Acme Packet secures and controls the signaling and media streams in video-over-IP or VoIP networks. Acme Packet SBC meets any critical security requirement, service assurance and legal requirement within these networks, the access to the service provider as the WAN between companies.

The SBC supports all standard protocols (eg. SIP, H.323, MGCP / NCS, H.248, RTSP) for functions such as trunking, federation, NAT traversal, data security, call security and to significantly increase the compatibility. By the almost limitless adaptability of the data processing even systems that were previously incompatible can be merged.

ACME SBC ensures with this the highest possible security, secures the quality of the service, the protocol compatibility and improves scalability of the voice and video applications in the longer term.