Recording & Streaming

Share your presentations with one klick - on your intranet or with the whole world!

Did you know that the Managed Service of DEKOM has a streaming and recording service? With and uc.recordwe offer tailor-made solutions! know of DEKOM

Want to know more about? Do you have questions whether your existing system has Recording & Streaming features? No problem - we will be delighted to help you.

You have just your strategic corporate meeting ended in the important business decisions were taken and want the results of the meeting to introduce all employees? No problem!

With a recording & streaming service you are present everywhere - live or on Demand. The advantage of live streaming is in addition to the cost savings, the integration of feedback and interaction channels with an internal as well as an international audience.

Your options here are almost unlimited: live broadcasts through training, conferences or online advertising, interactive knowledge formats or global video conferencing to large sporting events. With the Lifesize streaming and recording video conferencing solutions, for example, you have your own video center, allowing you to publish videos for a later time using a web browser.


A big advantage: You can share your content for a small group of people or for thousands of people live - depending on who you have given permission to view.

Use these solutions for your business communication, you gain a competitive edge, train your employees at no additional cost, make faster decisions, enhance your communication radius immediately.

The Recording & Streaming offer in detail:

  • Internet live streaming of speeches or conferences involving several people in different locations
  • Publication of your recordings as video on Demand on the web hindsight
  • no additional hardware or network capacity

Areas of application and suitable occasions:

  • Press conferences and announcements
  • employee information business
  • presentations sales
  • meetings
  • Welcome messages for new employees
  • social activities and charitable events
  • Christmas greetings to your field staff
  • CEO speeches
  • Internal and external training
  • Business TV
  • Teleconferences with content streaming reach absent subscribers because you can provide your employees the content at a later date for disposal
  • Documentaries
  • Online Lectures
  • Transmission and records of various corporate events