Our professional meeting service made in Germany. uc.meet connects systems from different manufacturers and of different technical design for a barrier-free video conferencing experience.

Components of uc.meet

uc.service | uc.client | uc.connect | uc.record | uc.stream | uc.phone

Our professional meeting service uc.meet is optimised for compatibility and interoperability – made in Germany. Its purpose is to allow systems from different manufacturers and of different technical design to be interconnected without obstacles or barriers for video conferencing with the best possible sound and image quality.

We want each person attending the virtual meeting to use their preferred communication tool to interact with the others without encountering any problems. Be it H323 or a SIP-based multipoint system – be it software client, smartphone, telephone, Skype4Business or Skype – the manufacturer of a solution should not dictate with whom you can hold a meeting.

Tip: There are customising options available for adapting the look and feel of your uc.meeting to your requirements.

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Are you looking for genuinely added value provided by “human services”? 

Our operator, onsite service, concierge and interpreter services are backed by people with a mission: to make your uc.meeting a genuine experience through expert know-how. We help simplify technology and processes and allow people speaking different languages or people with an impairment to participate. Our experts take charge and provide genuine end-to-end support via Managed Services and customised processes. 

Tip: Do you wish to focus exclusively on experiencing your conference? If so, take advantage of our uc.service – and avail yourself of the combined competence of the DEKOM Managed Services.


Do you lack the appropriate hardware and software to connect to our service? Are you looking for a multipoint system for your conference hall to hire, to test or to use at a particular event? Or do you wish to benefit from using our universally accessible uc.client at your desk? 

uc.client is the name of the terminals for use with our services. From the mobile solution for your smartphone through to the multipoint system for large conference halls. The best solution for any application – offering the same accessibility as our uc.meet. 

Tip: Your customers use different solutions and do not wish to be compelled to use a specific one? Our uc.client for the desktop can communicate in native mode equally well with Lync/Skype4Business or Cisco Jabber, thus offering unique accessibility.


Do you have a solution of your own that you wish to connect to our services? Do you have an idea about how we could improve the interoperability of our system even further? Are your systems protected by firewalls, set up for internal operation and therefore not allowing you to link up with your uc.meeting? 

With uc.connect, we take care of all technical connection issues relating to our meeting services. From firewall transversal through to a dedicated MPLS link to your uc.meet service. DEKOM offers solutions to all potential network-related barriers, ensuring functionality without jeopardising security. 

Tip: Any questions about how secure secure is? Contact our service department and ask the staff to explain the security characteristics of professional systems to you.


Record events, save planning details and agreements securely or store training contents for subsequent retrieval. Many meetings ultimately fail in their purpose because good ideas and results are not recorded and what is being said is difficult to understand without context. Training sessions may need to be repeated because your training group is too big for one session or because some colleagues were unexpectedly prevented from attending. This is where uc.record comes in – we save your meetings at a storage location of your choice or arrange for them to be saved in the cloud so that nobody can later say “We did not discuss that”. 

Tip: We can also retrieve your recording for accessing via multi-point systems. That means that it is possible for several groups to view contents in parallel via the video conferencing system. You can, for instance, combine a viewing of your recording with a chat session, thereby ensuring that all the content has been understood. 


Some things are so important or interesting that everybody should see and hear them. uc.stream is the easiest way to transform your video conferencing system into a professional communication system. It allows you to convey contents simultaneously to thousands of people via your intranet or the internet. The applications are many and varied: from business TV, classic streaming to information transfer, instruction and training through to broadcasting. 
Tip: Thanks to video streaming, participants whose internet connection lacks decent bandwidth experience the meeting with considerably less discontinuities.


Do you wish to use your own telephone numbers for connecting via an internal number? Or do you wish to offer international call numbers for conferences to allow people to connect at low local rates? 

Our uc.phone extension facilitates all that and offers various services relating to PSTN, PBX, SIP trunking and telephony. uc.phone ensures accessibility for your meeting via telephone or via ISDN-based video conference terminals and adapts the functionality offered by uc.meet to your requirements.   

Tip: We also offer tele-conferencing services. 

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