Avaya Scopia Streaming and Recording

Avaya Scopia Streaming & Recording combines the interactive features of Scopia video collaboration with powerful streaming and recording capabilities. Create and deliver valuable video business assets once instead of many times, and to large audiences, for highly efficient engagement.

Meetings can be recorded and saved to the system’s content library for easy, on-demand viewing or can be broadcast in real-time to any user’s PC, tablet or mobile device, without specialized software for playback. Meeting hosts can record meetings or set up streaming sessions on a self-serve basis, without involving specialized IT personnel; and administrators can configure automatic and mandatory recordings for fiduciary requirements.

Functions & Benefits:

  • Universal Playback and Participation – Users with PCs, Macs, Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets can easily view recordings or connect to streamed sessions with their favorite device.
  • Simple Access – Finding and accessing recorded meetings and streamed sessions is easy with a “YouTube” like experience.
  • Easy Video Asset Creation – Room systems and desktops are transformed into real-time miniature broadcast studios delivering standard MP4 files for editing. The streamlined workflow empowers anyone in an organization to be a publisher of video content and programming within minutes. Hosts can record meetings or set up streaming sessions on a self-serve basis.
  • Flexible Deployment – An organization can start with a compact all-in-one appliance, and expand as their capacity requirements grow. Large scale implementations are enabled by both clustering for system resilience and a distributed architecture.
  • High Scalability – A single appliance supports up to 1,500 live viewers; while a cluster or distributed deployment handles up to 100,000 simultaneous live viewers.

Avaya Scopia Streaming and Recording
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Technical details: Avaya Scopia Streaming and Recording

  • HD recording up to 1080p/30fps
  • Audio, video, H.239 content support
  • HD live streaming up to 1080p/30fps
  • Stream / playback via PC, Mac, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Web-based content portal for easy browsing and on-demand playback
  • Unicast and multicast connection modes
  • Over 1,500 live streams on a single server
  • Scalable up to 100,000 live streaming viewers
  • Private or 3rd-party CDN support
  • Multi-tenant support



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