Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms brings the power of Microsoft Teams to your meeting rooms, transforming them into an easy-to-use Microsoft Teams meeting environment. Start your meetings at the touch of a button and easily include remote participants from other locations.

DEKOM as a certified Microsoft Gold Partner helps you turn your rooms into an inclusive hybrid collaboration space. From consulting, to planning, to implementing your solution, we are there for you.

Hybrid meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms connects the Microsoft Teams platform to your meeting room devices. This gives you a native, accessible meeting environment that enables you to have more efficient meetings. With the intuitive Teams controls, you can easily start your meetings with just the touch of a button and also have your colleagues from the home office or other workplaces participate. The integration of the platform into your conference room technology enables a comprehensive hybrid meeting experience in best audio and video quality.

We support you with the equipment, licensing and complete configuration of your Microsoft Teams environment.

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms:

  • easy handling through native Teams controls
  • start meetings with just one keystroke
  • participation regardless of location
  • guest participation from third-party platforms
  • highest level of data protection
  • improved management
  • scaling and optimising rooms
  • extensive reporting functions
  • excellent audio and video quality
  • wide range of certified devices
  • flexible solutions for every room
  • best compatibility and integrability
  • admin functions for remote maintenance of the room systems

MTR on Android vs. MTR on Windows

Microsoft Teams room systems are divided into the following device classes:

The right equipment for your Microsoft Teams Rooms

Suitable hardware for every room size

Small rooms

Up to 6 people

In addition to a display, a functioning video conference environment primarily includes a video conference camera, a speaker and a microphone. These are either combined as an all-in-one video bar in a single device or consist of a PC-based room system with several individual components. The audio technology is especially designed for small rooms and the cameras are also predominantly wide-angle so that all participants can be well captured.

A touch panel as the central control unit rounds off the equipment and enables intuitive use of the systems.

Medium sized rooms

6-12 people

The larger the conference room, the more sophisticated the technical equipment should be.

The permanently integrated cameras in a simple video bar are often no longer sufficient to show the participants in the best possible light. It is therefore advisable to use more feature-rich PTZ cameras here. In addition to zoom, pan and tilt options, these also have practical features such as auto-tracking and auto-framing. The audio technology should also be of a higher standard and ideally have functions such as beamforming, echo cancelling and noise block.

Large rooms

From 12 people

Especially for large rooms, one should move away from cheap standard solutions and opt for high-quality technology. As with medium-sized rooms, attention should be paid to the functionality of the equipment to enable a flawless meeting experience in the best audio and video quality. Various microphone solutions, such as table or ceiling microphones, are helpful here. These ensure that everyone in the room can be clearly understood.

For the selection, procurement and installation of the technical components, our experts are of course at your disposal.


Native Microsoft Teams Room Systems Comparison

When choosing a native Microsoft Teams room system, you have a diverse choice between many different manufacturers. But which is the right system for your company? And what criteria should you use to select it? You can find more information about this, a complete overview of all devices, and a comparison of all Microsoft Teams room systems in our Microsoft Teams comparison overview.

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Book and manage meeting rooms

Particularly for larger companies with several rooms, a room booking system is recommended, which is installed as digital signage outside the room. The touch panel shows you if and when a room is occupied or available.

The mini-display is connected to your Microsoft Teams solution so that you can plan your meeting via Outlook as usual. When planning, you can directly book the appropriate room so that all participants are informed in which room the meeting is taking place.

Room booking systems for MS Teams

Certified hardware for Microsoft Teams Rooms

This is only an excerpt from our portfolio. You can find all certified devices for Microsoft Teams here.

Plan your conference room with experts

DEKOM is Microsoft Gold Partner. For you, this means that highly qualified specialists - technicians and advisors with cumulative know-how - are at your side during the planning and implementation of your Microsoft Teams Room.

Our certified experts will guide you through every phase of your project: from individual, vendor-independent consulting, to detailed planning, procurement and installation of the required hardware and software components. Even after completion, we continue to be there for you and ensure that your conference room environment always runs smoothly. Contact us and arrange a free consultation.

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