StarLeaf + Twilio = Unified Communications

There are a number of great video conferencing applications available today but how many of them offer true Unified Communications (UC)?

UC is the combination of voice, video, chat and other methods of communications into one tool to make it easy to communicate with people in any method, all from one interface.

We all know that tools like StarLeaf Cloud offer a great video conferencing solution with point to point calling as well as meetings and some people even know that it also includes a top qualty chat client and file sharing that offer secure features for enterprise use. If we stopped there, we could say that the StarLeaf App was a UC client. But why stop there?

With VoiceConnect, StarLeaf allows users to use the same StarLeaf App for video calls, meetings, chat AND phone calls. Not just voice calls from user to user on the platform, but full, bi-directional calling from the app to any PSTN number globally and from any PSTN number back in, makingthe Starleaf App a great telephone and communication solution for your business of any size.


Full Featured Virtual PABX

With the VoiceConnect feature of the StarLeaf Cloud platform combined with Twilio, companies get the ability to add telephony capabilities to both their users and room systems with capabilities spanning from basic dial-tone to advanced PABX features.

Administrators can choose to add a single phone number to thier account to enable one or more users / rooms the ability to make outbound phone calls, add individual DID's to provide dedicated inbound calling capabilities for each user, hunt groups, voicemail and more.

With StarLeaf and Twilio combined, orgnisations get a global telephony solution that provides the ability to make and receive calls just about anywhere in the world, advanced IVR / Automated Attendants, voice recognition, intelligent routing and more, all managed from 2 simple to use interfaces that provide full adminisrative capabilities.


By combining the UC abilities of StarLeaf VoiceConnect with Twilio, users get access to a full suite of capabilities that allow the easy creation of simple and complex call flows. 

With Twilio, you get access to: 

  • Global DID's - administrators can provision new inbound phone numbers in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Global outbound call termination
  • Real-Time provisioning - changes and new services are provisioned real time, without waiting for account managers, support teams etc to process requests. 
  • Complex call routing - with tools such as Programmable Voice, Studio and TwiML, users can create call flows to suit thier needs. 
  • Automated Attendant / IVR - in addition to complex call routing, powerfull automated attendants and IVR can be created with ease, routing calls to StarLeaf users, mobile and more. 
  • Programmable API - advanced users can integrate their telephone system into other business systems via API and programming languages. 

DEKOM has an in-depth kowledge of StarLeaf VoiceConnect, Twilio and telephone system call flows and can assist you today with getting setup quickly, wether it is 5 users or 5000+.

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