Hospital Future Fund

Progressive digitalisation in the health sector and the associated networking of service providers, patients and specialists represent a central point in a sustainable health system. In recent years, it has become clear that digitalisation in the health sector must be driven. Because well-equipped and functioning hospitals are essential - especially in exceptional situations.

Modernisation Law

To make up for this delay, on 01.09.2020 the Federal Council decided on a comprehensive investment programme for the modernisation and digitalisation of hospitals. The aim of this measure is to make processes and communication channels simpler and more efficient. In addition, sanction measures for "non-digitisation" are planned from 2025. This deduction of up to 2% applies to each full and partial inpatient case by the contracting parties of the budget agreements at the local level.

Digitalisation in hospitals

Digital Hospital

The focus of the investment programme is on the efficient design of processes. In addition to IT and security, telemedicine solutions and interoperability are key prerequisites for meeting the funding parameters. With the help of a functioning communication structure in hospitals, a better connection of specialists as well as the interfaces clinic, general practitioner and follow-up care is achieved. In addition, with these solutions, specialists further away can also be contacted quickly and easily for diagnosis.

Areas of application

A central point of the investment programme is telecommunications. In addition to connecting interfaces such as the clinic with the patient's family doctor, to other specialists, for example from occupational therapy, web-based and technically supported tumour boards are already being held. Ultimately, this means location-independent, time-saving and convenient conferences for the participants. In addition, the solution approaches and all case discussions can thus be recorded on a central organisation and documentation software. Thus, all further decisions and procedures for the respective patients can be recorded centrally.


Healthcare Cloud

Digitalization Hospital

Data security is of course very important in the health sector. Reports of hacker attacks are unfortunately not uncommon. The security and data protection issues in the field of real-time communication are manifold and often the implications are difficult to grasp: Systems that have been introduced carelessly save documents, allow internal data to be shared with any third party, automatically carry out cloud-based person recognition, analyse all spoken words even without a video conference connection, or allow VPN networking with any remote stations and are thus questionable in terms of data protection.

In the health cloud, DEKOM offers data protection-compliant solutions. With a data protection agreement between all parties involved based on the DSGVO, we ensure your security as an order processor. DEKOM is directly responsible for enforcing data protection and the entire chain of data flow is secured. DEKOM is directly supervised by TüV-Süd on the issues in order to not only comply with the legal framework, but to actively advance the topic, because your - and your patients' - safety is a particularly important concern for us.

You have our support

Digitisation in the medical field is a special topic and must meet advanced standards. Without the special training on the hospital health fund, the corresponding consulting service may not be carried out. Within our company, experts of many years' standing have taken on this training, so that we are allowed to advise you 100% state-supported, in particular on the topic of telecommunications and networking, adapted to the required safety standards.

Certificate Telehealth Consultant

The digitalisation measures in hospitals must be intuitively operable, robust and flexibly usable, as well as meet a particularly high security standard. Your certified contact partner on site supports you not only in the selection and implementation of the optimal communication solutions, but also in the long term - for example, through training, a secured warranty and a reliable full service. In this way, we keep your back free to do what you do best..

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