Whether you need installation support via telephone, video conferencing or remote control, routine maintenance or on-site commissioning - we are your point of contact for all technical after-sales questions, guaranteeing a reliable, fast and efficient support process.

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Mon - Fri: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm

You have a service case and would like to have your product reviewed? Your item is defective or needs repair? Your item has been incorrectly delivered or ordered? Service cases are as diverse as our clients and products. Trouble-free service is natural for us at DEKOM. To ensure that your service case is being handled smoothly, each request is processed through our ticket system in the background, we communicate quickly and without loss of information.

Our service staff handle your requests process-oriented and discuss the next steps with you directly. Thanks to our highly trained staff, we are able to respond to each individual service case of our customers and to analyze them, so that the repair time can be reduced or a return can even be avoided.

However, should the product be returned, you will get an RMA form with all the relevant information. You just return the product with that form. The form includes an RMA number, allowing us to quickly activate the relavant service & support team, upon receiving the goods. On the background, we ensure that the RMA is processed in accordance with the arrangements made. To your satisfaction, we will handle everything with care, without worries for more paperwork, and return the product promptly.