Event Services

As specialists, we bring your event to the point technically. DEKOM has been successfully taking care of events for more than 30 years. The use of state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel is a matter of course for us. Creative and flexible - we take care of your needs! Rely on a reputable partner, who not only has the technical background, but who is always there for you as a professional for system solutions, with up-to-date technology and short reaction times.

Video and directing technology

Used effectively, pictures and videos support an event in a particularly sustainable way. They provide many an "aha" experience, transport important content and positively influence atmosphere and ambience.

DEKOM offers you state-of-the-art video and directing technology for the highest demands:

  • HD / SD Projector for large-screen projection of camera, data and video images
  • Plasma monitors / LCD monitors with or without design stand
  • Split-screen and LED indoor and outdoor walls
  • Video live mixers, video processors, preview monitors, image control
  • Multi-format HD / SD systems, media servers, IT systems
  • Source devices for recording and playback of content
  • System / dome cameras, camcorders with accessories

Implementation of events

  • Press conferences
  • Telemedical events
  • Shareholder and company meetings
  • Technical implementation of conferences and meetings
  • National as well as international meetings, celebrations and galas
  • Technical service for existing event rooms
  • Technical support for event planning


RWE - We Are RWE

RWE organized a big kick off event with a conference call and Dekom was able to take care of the technical equipment. The main event took place in the Grugahalle / Essen and was networked with four other cities; Birmingham (United Kingdom), Den Bosch (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary). Bidirectional image and sound paths were produced in the respective cities. In Full HD quality, a conference of executives was established without them being in one place.

Talanx - Staff Meeting

DEKOM handled the Talanx staff meeting event.

In total, 1,200 people participated. To ensure that every guest was able to follow the event, DEKOM installed a 25 m² LED wall and a complete sound system, which ensured optimum speech intelligibility throughout the building.

Transmission of video signals

  • Live broadcasts of congresses / meetings / symposia etc.
  • Creation of a live stream to your webpage
  • Connection of several speakers to an event
  • Connect from multiple events to one to save costs
  • Setting up video conferencing
  • Creation of a follow-up report for use for social media / webpage etc.
  • Videomitschnitt and treatment of events

Event Equipment

  • Projectors and LED walls
  • Rental of event technology and videoconferencing equipment, stage design, stage construction and lighting technology
  • Manpower for trade fairs, conferences and congresses
  • Audio technology, camera and directing technology, image transmission, interpreting technology
  • Video production and broadcasting technology
  • Event recordings, web and graphic design, DVD production
  • Dry hire

XVIII. European Company Sport Games Hamburg

Around 8,000 company athletes from over 28 countries in Europe competed against each other at this multi-sport event.

DEKOM ensured that the event ran smoothly, the technology on site, as well as visual post-reporting.

NDR Singing at St. Michael's Church, Hamburg

500 people sang classical music in the sacred halls of St. Michael's Church, Hamburg, and DEKOM was allowed to record these moments for the NDR.

Transmission of both image and sound, as well as a pure audio stream was brought to the homepage of the NDR via live stream

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