LED Walls

Large high-contrast images in the best color quality - that’s what Fine Pixel LED walls promise. Whether in conference rooms, concert halls, shopping malls or in the reception area of your company, there are no limits to the diverse applications.

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Samsung – LED Wall

Fine Pixel Pitch LEDs

For a long time, LED walls were only used outdoors because the images only looked good from a distance due to the large pixel pitch. But in recent years, a lot has happened in the development of LED walls. The technology has now reached the point where a very small pixel pitch can be achieved, making it possible to see a sharp image even from a short distance. The pixel pitch describes the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of the pixel directly next to it. A pixel pitch below 2.5mm is called fine pitch. With a lower pixel pitch, the viewing distance decreases for a given resolution. Due to the higher pixel density, the eye can then fully perceive the resolution even at a closer viewing distance.

These displays can be found, for example, in airports, boardrooms, lounges, TV studios, control centers, reception areas and maybe soon in your conference room?

Advantages of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Walls:

•  long lifetime
•  energy efficient
•  scalable and homogeneous
•  high brightness
•  high contrast ratio
•  full color intensity
•  high dynamic range (HDR)
•  wide viewing angle
•  short viewing distance
•  seamless transitions
•  all shapes and sizes possible
•  low operating noise
•  flexible to install

METAGO – in use Conference Room

LED Walls for the conference room

Large and bright screens with the best resolution - these are factors that are very important for an effective and successful meeting. And, of course, the device should be as quiet as possible. In the past, projectors and LCD displays could be found in every conference room, but now the market is switching to LED Walls. LED walls have many advantages over the old-fashioned projectors and LCD displays: they have high brightness, dynamic color contrast and are virtually silent. In addition, LED technology allows digital screens to be set up in any shape and size, with no seams or screen edges!

For more and more companies, therefore, fine-pitch LEDs offer a great alternative in their conference rooms. LED Walls are flexibly scalable, seamless and robust and therefore a perfect replacement to current display technologies.

Other possible applications:

All-in-One LED Display

All-in-One LED Displays

Many suppliers even offer turnkey products for conference rooms, the so-called all-in-one displays. These products usually have native resolutions in different fixed sizes depending on the pixel pitch. The conventional functions for conference situations are integrated into these displays, such as wireless mirroring, multiple source selection, USB access, remote control, front service etc. All components in all-in-one displays, from the LED module itself to the control system, can be replaced. This leaves options open for system upgrades at a later date or adjustments to your existing system. In addition, a good touchscreen function on the displays is expected in the near future.

The right LED Wall for your conference room

To find the right LED Wall for your needs, the first thing to determine is the use case: For what purpose will the display be used? Depending on the use case, the selection criteria will differ, such as pixel pitch, resolution, brightness, contrast and size of the LED Wall.

Desired Resolution:
One of the most important factors when buying an LED Wall is the sharpness of the image. Here, the appropriate pixel pitch plays a crucial role. It also influences the overall size of the LED Wall. Likewise, the size of the conference room should definitely be taken into account during planning. The required resolution can only be implemented within the framework of the room size and in consideration of the pixel pitch required for this.

LED resolution

LED viewing distance

The optimal viewing distance:
The pixel pitch influences the viewing distance that should be kept to the display. If you stand too close to the display, you will no longer see a sharp image and the viewing experience will be strongly affected. There are many mathematical rules for the relationship between pixel pitch and viewing distance. A common rule of thumb is that for a 1 mm pixel pitch, the viewing distance should be at least 2 meters. So for a P1.5 fine-pitch LED, the recommended viewing distance is 3 meters. This distance should be maintained in any case and is well suited for medium-sized conference rooms.