Infrastructure for Video Conferencing

The complexity of video conferencing is in its network. DEKOM experts design, implement and maintain these networks. Tailored and scalable to meet today's needs and be prepared for tomorrow's challenge.

Infrastructure Videoconferencing

Video conferencing solutions are rarely used stand-alone, but usually in large quantities and different areas and sites. The intelligence of such a complex solution is located in its infrastructure - its backbone, that ensures efficient, secure and controllable operation.

A central MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), for example, is responsible for the interconnection of multiple participants in multiple locations - whether between employees on different floors of your office building, between project managers in Cologne and Munich, or between managers in Shanghai and Frankfurt. Transit and traversal servers enable secure traversal of firewalls, the connection between corporate networks, and the transition from internal networks and the public Internet.

"Our Solutions are integrally certified - providing the utmost of security, quality, stability and compatibility. For real, sustainable competitive advantages."

Simon Härke,

Would you like to reserve different bandwidths for differently connected sites or even individual systems, to organize and determine which system may or may not connect encrypted or unencrypted to whom, to connect different protocols such as SIP and H.323 (Interworking), to set and control media streams, to register and configure users, to define group calls and forwardings, and to administrate and manage all these aspects centrally?

This Call Control is the task of the infrastructure, and a central, often indispensable topic not only for large installations. Even small systems with only a few video conferencing endpoints greatly benefit from a single, centralized administration. And: your video conferencing system can do more. Are your employees regularly travelling to trainings and courses?

Training videos, speeches, announcements, lectures and tutorials can easily be recorded and made available through the Intranet or Internet - live or on demand. Your video conferencing solution is an extremely practical, always available recording and streaming system - with the right infrastructure.


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Regardless of where the servers are located, whether in the cloud or a computer centre: Licenses, devices, installations, financing, support and training, upgrades, scaling, adjustment, security and data protection.
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