What does digitalization actually mean?

Digitalization does not mean that everything that runs analog MUST be converted into digital processes. Digitalization means questioning whether something analog would have been invented this way if today's technology had existed earlier.

For your company, digitalization means becoming agile, being explorers and researchers, venturing and trying out, discovering and utilizing added value, in every area of your business.

Digitalization doesn't mean letting a robot do the work by itself, but being technologically smart as a community - inspiring and activating colleagues and employees and interacting in an agile way.

Digitalization describes the mindset of your company, how you work together under constantly changing technical and social developments. A mindset that must be analyzed, structured and evaluated again and again.

Digitalization is a vision and a journey. A journey with an indefinite end, because the technological progress means that the process of digitalization is in fact never complete.

Do not see digitalization as an adversary, but as an ally in order to be technologically smarter than others.

DEKOM & Digitalization

What can DEKOM do for you?

Digitalization covers a wide range of complex areas, which are divided into many sub-areas. We as DEKOM are a global expert in collaboration and video communication, which covers a small part of the digitalization in your company.

We are your team of researchers and researchers. We try out, question and test for you.

We advise you precisely and individually. We always keep an eye on the specific needs of your company. We work with you to develop your path of digitalization. We take you on a voyage of discovery, help you optimize your communication processes and digitize them according to your needs.

Cooperation DEKOM & LivingData


DEKOM Sales Director Arwed Plate and LivingData on the topic of digitalization of communities, with a focus on hybrid events.

Digitalization - Vision and Journey

Our Orientation
For us, people are the focus of our efforts.We see audio and video technology as the junction between man & machine. We help you understand and properly apply the right technology for your business.

New Work
New Work is one of our core competencies, as we have already gained a lot of experience in the field of New Work. The goal is that there is no know-how lost, for each individual in your team, that neither distance nor technical hurdles block the way of your collaboration.

Our goal is location-independent collaboration, which requires individual concepts for each company. Because if you work remotely from each other and you have experts spread all over the world, you need new concepts on how to collaborate effectively on a daily basis.

Methods are the toolbox for the digitization craftsman. What we call Methods are individual functions, ideas and concepts that provide you with concrete solution options, concrete tools and techniques.

Hybrid working
Hybrid working is a method of location-independent collaboration and an essential part of New Work and thus a part of your Digitalization strategy. Collaboration is the be-all and end-all for people. Virtual collaboration, just like physical collaboration, must strengthen the WE feeling and not neglect the fun of work. Get together, virtual or real, and "Enjoy your office".

In order to be able to react individually to different needs, different concepts are required to pursue your individual path of digitalization. One of the concepts we have developed for you is UC as a Service. Read here what we have specifically in store for you as UCaaS.

Products & Devices
No area of digitalization works without professional hardware and software. We provide you with neutral and vendor-independent advice. We know the challenges our customers face in the context of digitalization in the area of collaboration and are always ready to listen to your concerns.