Oblong Industries is a developer of conference room telecollaboration systems and data visualization solutions. The Los Angeles, CA based company is one of the most exciting vendors in our portfolio. With a background related to the movie Minority Report, Oblong introduces the technology to use your hands to let imagination work. Oblong introduces Mezzanine as the flagship product. It is a conference room set up with different displays and a unique technology to swipe images across multiple displays, enlarge them, make them disappear, move them into documents or video conferences, just by waving your hands into the desired direction.

It is probably the most intuitive way of bringing content to life and express what you think, using digital content. Setting up different rooms alike, creates a true collaboration experience, unparalleled in the industry. Oblong has a footprint in professional design, analytics, big data environments and places where creativity has no limits. Oblong is typically seen in various Fortune 500 companies, among which IBM, PwC, and Fujitsu. But also at NASA and various oil trading companies and designer firms enjoy the endless possibilities to do magic with content.

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