NEC is a manufacturer of professional display solutions, ranging from computer desktop displays, to medical displays, from large format displays and beamers to olympic video walls.

NEC products are being used in hospitals, in graphic designing and pretty much every environment where detail matters. But NEC is also the preferred choice for most companies with years and years of video conferencing experience. That's because video conferencing is all about creating the next best thing to being there. The right display will make a lifelike experience happen and will get the most out of professional presentations and meetings via video.

Why do airports, control rooms, fast food chains and 80% of financial institutions standardise on NEC for displays and beamers?
There are numerous reasons. But think of the excellent service, the minimal fall out, the excellent same quality on all displays and so many other aspects that contribute to a wise TCO-based decision. NEC is the one and only preferred brand when it comes to excellent imaging.