AMX, founded in 1982 in Richardson, Texas, is a global leader in advanced control system and automation technology.

Headquartered in Texas, the company has been part of Harman International Industries since 2014 and employs more than 600 people. Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, AMX's portfolio has expanded considerably, due in part to the addition of subsidiaries, AMX UK Limited, Matrix Distributed Audio, Inspiration Matters Limited, SchoolView Technologies and Endeleo Limited.

The product portfolio includes solutions for centralized management and control of various audio/video, environmental and communication technologies as well as hardware and software platforms for the storage and distribution of digital content and their management.

AMX systems are used worldwide in conference rooms, private households, classrooms, network operations and command centres, hotels, entertainment facilities and radio stations.

DEKOM is certified by Harman for AMX products

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