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Lifesize Cloud ist ein Video-Dienst, mit dem sich verschiedenste Geräte – Raumsysteme, Laptops, Tablets oder Smartphones beliebiger Hersteller – über eine cloudbasierte Infrastruktur miteinander verbinden, und damit hochqualitative Videokonferenzen auf bisher unerreichbar einfache Art und Weise durchführen lassen: Der Zugang zu Lifesize Cloud erfolgt entweder über die browserbasierte Cloud Web App mittels Google Chrome oder über eine „gewöhnliche“ App, die sich innerhalb von Sekunden auf nahezu jedem Gerät installieren lässt – und bietet v.a. in Verbindung mit aktuellen Lifesize-Systemen ein echtes „Out of the Box“-Erlebnis.

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Technische Details: Lifesize Cloud


Video- und Audioqualität

  • HD-Video bis zu 60 fps
  • Breitband-HD-Audio mit eingebauter Echo-Unterdrückung

Unterstützte Systeme

  • Unterstützt Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 und 10.11; Windows 7, 8, 8.1 und 10; Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz oder schneller, 4 GB RAM
  • Unterstützt mobile Endgeräte mit Android- (v4.1 oder höher), iOS- (v8.0 oder höher) und Windows-System (v8.0. oder höher)

Sicherheit und Firewall Traversal

  • Verschlüsselte Signal- und Medienübertragung, AES 128 Bit
  • Automatisches Firewall-Traversal, keine öffentliche IP erforderlich (nur Lifesize Cloud-Apps und Lifesize Icon)
  • Web-Proxy-Unterstützung

Management und Reporting

  • Zentralisierte Verwaltung von Lifesize Cloud-Konto und Videosystemen
  • Nutzungsberichte und Benachrichtigungen
  • Mehrere Kontomanager möglich

Lifesize Icon und 220 Videosystem

  • Verbindung mit Ihrem Lifesize Cloud-Konto und automatische Konfiguration sowie automatische Software-Updates
  • Zubehör umfasst Touchscreen-Telefon, Unterstützung für zwei Displays und 10x PTZ-Kamera

Lifesize Live Stream*

  • Bis zu 10,000 gleichzeitige Teilnehmer in einen Streaming-Event
  • Einstellen von Sichtbarkeitsberechtigungen
  • Einfaches Aufsetzen und Reporten über die Admin Console
  • Echtzeit FAQ**
  • Wiedergabe über eine Vielzahl von Browsern und mobilen Endgeräten (Android 6+/iOS 9+/OSX 10.10+/Windows 7+)

Lifesize Recording & Share*

  • Aufnahmen in HD-Qualität, automatische Kanalzuordnung
  • Konfigurierbare Berechtigungen, inklusive automatischer Zugang für Meeting-Teilnehmer
  • Mein Feed, Meine Videos, Wiedergabeliste
  • AES-128-Verschlüsselung von In-Flight-Daten und AES-256-Verschlüsselung von At-Rest-Daten
  • Herunterladbar in MP4-Format
  • Aufnahme mit jedem Lifesize Cloud-fähigen Gerät
  • Wiedergabe auf jedem Gerät (ab Android 4.4.2/ab iOS 8.3/ab OSX 10/ab Windows 7)

*Nur für Kunden mit Enterprise- und Premiumabonnements.

**Keine Unterstützung auf mobilen Endgeräten



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More information about Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize Cloud is a new way to collaborate and connect employees. Lifesize Cloud enables natural communication instantly or scheduled and is purpose-built for organizations of all sizes to implement an affordable, simple and scalable video conferencing solution with little to no need for IT involvement.

Key features of Lifesize Cloud include:

- Choose your own device: Works seamlessly with smartphones, laptops, tablets and telephones via Lifesize Cloud App or browser-based Lifesize Cloud Web App.
- Lifesize Icon room video system works right out of the box: Simply connect to the network and log in with your credentials
- Anyone, anywhere: Lifesize Cloud offers unlimited guest capability to connect with individuals outside of your organization.
- Shared internal company directory: The directory auto-populates instantly on every device you use.
- Fully loaded features: click to call, check presence status, connect instantly or in scheduled calls, have single and group calls, share presentations
- Fully interoperable: Up to 25-way calls in HD video or audio for every user and virtual meeting, admins no longer need to manage scarce multiparty bridging ports
- Flexible subscription plan for all sizes of teams and budgets: Invite new users to a Web login to scale instantly
- Chat one on one or with a group in a meeting roomRecording and sharing via Lifesize Recording & Share

Extensions and Features

Lifesize Cloud Web App

From one-on-one audio and video calls to full-scale company meetings among multiple locations, the Lifesize app is streamlined and built to enhance all of the different ways your team communicates.

The Lifesize cloud-based application is designed to bring together your whole organization. Now you can video call anyone, from anywhere with a single click.

- Fully featured browser-based app available via Google Chrome
- Built on WebRTC technology
- No download or installation required
- Ideal for any PC/Mac® running Google Chrome and Chromebooks
- Presence-enabled,search-basedshared directory with one-click calling
- VMRs for scheduled calls
- Join via audio-only from a local phone number in more than 50 countries
- Presence-enabled chat in and out of calls with history
- Two-way screen sharing for subscribers and guests

Lifesize Recording & Share

Record and share with just one click

Lifesize Recording & Share is a powerful cloud-based one-click recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution. It lets users capture important meetings, conversations, events, ideas, and even milestones and instantly share them. With Lifesize Recording & Share your video's autopublishers, and everyone in the conversation will have the recording in their personal video library.

- One-click recording
- Auto-publishing
- Instant playback
- Video access controls at the account level and user level
- Personal video library for every user
- Security in-flight and in storage

You Control Your Recordings

Lifesize Recording & Share provides every user their very own personal video library. Videos are logically organized by date, yet users have the autonomy to move and retitle them, “like” popular videos and flag videos to watch later. For the videos you own, you can also share them with anyone inside your organization. And if your Lifesize admin has enabled sharing outside of your company, you can send videos to partners, vendors and others.

Simple for Users and IT

Lifesize Recording & Share is the only recording and sharing solution available on laptops, tablets, smartphones and the Lifesize Icon conference room systems. It looks and functions the same across all of the devices. Lifesize Recording & Share also provides intuitive access controls for groups and individuals, requiring no IT expertise or training.

Lifesize Live Streaming

Stream, Record and Share

Company-wide meetings, executive updates and training sessions are critical communication events for any organization. They help connect people and improve productivity by ensuring everyone is focused on the priorities of the business. But the logistics of getting everyone together can be complex and costly, especially if people are in different offices across multiple locations. Enter Lifesize Live Stream — presentations come alive and employees are engaged when speakers can be seen on video, share their screens and answer real-time questions. Take your event beyond the office by live streaming to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people.

With Lifesize Live Stream, IT pros have more ways to empower their organizations to connect and collaborate effectively — all through one provider and one easy-to-use, secure solution. Lifesize Live Stream provides unmatched flexibility, broad accessibility and exceptional simplicity to foster more effective communication throughout your organization.

Grow as you go

With Lifesize Live Stream, you have the freedom to scale. Organizations are no longer limited by a fixed package but can live stream as needed for their business. Enable any of your Lifesize virtual meeting rooms for simultaneous live stream events. Lifesize Live Stream offers the best value — stream the way you want and pay based on your usage.

Expand the reach and impact of company meetings and important events. Up to 10,000 viewers can watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.

Lifesize Live Stream mit Screen Sharing und QA

Simple and secure

Lifesize Live Stream offers simplified and flexible management for the IT pro. Quickly and easily enable any Lifesize virtual meeting room for encrypted live streaming and set permissions. Via the Admin Console, you can generate the link for the event, monitor streaming utilization and access event and attendee reporting.

The power of Lifesize Live Stream is greatly enhanced with Lifesize Record & Share so you can easily record and share your live stream events on-demand and build a personal video library. The possibilities are truly endless.

Lifesize Live Stream Event Setup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to have Lifesize Record & Share (formerly Lifesize Amplify) in order to have Live Stream?