Ihr All-Inclusive-Konferenzraum
Meeting as a Service
Videokonferenz-Module als monatlicher Service
Unsere standardisierten Konferenzraumangebote

Sie möchten Ihre vorhandenen Konferenzräume neu ausstatten?

Unsere verschiedenen Kauf- und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten für Sie:

Nutzen Sie die DEKOM nicht nur als kompetenten Berater für die Ausstattung Ihrer Konferenzräume, sondern auch als finanzstarken Partner für attraktive Finanzierungsdienstleistungen. Es muss ja nicht immer der klassische Weg des Kaufens sein. Lassen Sie sich von unserem Team gern ausführlich zu Ihren verschiedenen Möglichkeiten beraten.

Hochwertige Konferenzraumausstattung und verschiedene Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten – wir helfen Ihnen die richtige Lösung zu finden.

Viele Möglichkeiten stehen für Sie offen. Die klassische Kaufoption ist eine davon. So individuell wie Ihre Ansprüche.

Nutzen Sie unsere attraktiven Finanzierungsangebote für Ihren Konferenzraum.

Flexible Laufzeiten, faire Leasingangebote. Wir sind ein attraktiver Leasingpartner für Ihre Konferenzraumtechnik.

Ihr Konferenzraum zum monatlichen Festpreis. Wir haben verschiedene Standards für jede Raumgröße entwickelt.

DEKOM ist zertifizierter Partner

mehr als 40 namhafter Hersteller von Videokonferenz- und Medientechnik

Why is DEKOM the right partner for you?

DEKOM has more than 25 years of experience in the world of video communication. 
DEKOM analyses your individual needs.
DEKOM selects the most suitable technology for you.
DEKOM compares, procures, configures, installs.

DEKOM Meeting as a Service

Meeting by Design

Video conferencing rooms at a monthly flatrate

High effort and long project times to set up a new conference room are matters of the past! Why pay for inventing the wheel over and over again when the needs and technical requirements for meeting rooms are known. Put an end to poorly functioning equipment collections, task overload for IT, the proverbial "can you hear me", uncomfortable chairs and unsuitable furniture.  

Over 25 years of experience

For over 25 years, we have been building meeting and conference rooms for people who work together, solve problems, generate ideas and implement innovations without being stopped by physical distance.

DEKOM knows what you as a customer really need, what truly works and the limits of technical feasiblity. Our XaaS tariffs reflect a large part of our experience and expertise over the last few years. Every day we see what needs our customers have and what challenges they face. Our claim is to allow as little distance as possible by providing the highest image and sound quality. DEKOM's XaaS tariffs connect people across distances, whether alternately in the office or at home, on the move or physically in the same room.

Globalisation, innovation pressure, shortage of skilled workers, new competitors, ecological responsibility, psychological strain on employees, language barrier and intercultural differences - there is already enough that separates us, technology should not be one of them. Take advantage of our Meeting as a Service (MaaS) tariff and get ready-planned, reliable meeting rooms that have been thought through to the end, adapted to the room size. All this without financial risk and without the feeling of using outdated technology, at a monthly rate.

Do you know?

• Within the framework of the MaaS tariffs, DEKOM is your sole contractual partner to all service providers

• DEKOM takes care of all arrangements and renegotiations with the service providers.

• As part of the DEKOM MaaS tariffs, DEKOM provides a DSGVO-compliant communication service.

• DEKOM provides trained, experienced and reliable experts of the DSVGO Act throughout the whole duration of the tariff.

• DEKOM is the owner of all equipment and services for the entire duration of the contract.

• DEKOM is your video IT department - you don't need your own video conferencing specialists in your company

• DEKOM MaaS video conferencing environments are fully compatible, highly flexible and fully scalable


DEKOM Meeting as a Service

Who is this tariff designed for?

For companies that need the latest available technology in their conference room, but shy away from the high purchase costs.

Different tariffs for standardised room sizes.

Pre-planned, well thought-out with the latest technology.

Rooms are handed over in ready to use condition.

The latest technology at your fingertips.

Without financial risk at a monthly rate.

all - round carefree service.