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DEKOM Meeting as a Service (MaaS) - offers high-end conference rooms at a monthly rate.
One of many ways to quickly take your meeting culture a big step forward!
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Information about DEKOM MaaS

Meeting Room Comfort

Reliable technology is still a key success factor for your meeting room – but it’s no longer the be all and end all. Well-organised, customised furnishings can be a great advertisement for your company too. Technology doesn’t have to be visible: well thought-out, clean furniture design and easy-to-integrate, almost invisible media technology are the order of the day.

For instance, cables can disappear into table legs, flush desk connection panels won't ruin the elegant design of your meeting table and still offer you complete freedom to connect all standard devices. Once the meeting is over, these are stowed away again as if they were never there.

You got a well-coordinated IT department with standbys and the requisite AV know-how? If so, the DEKOM service level Business is just right for you. As a night watchman help desk, we keep a low profile and only make an appearance if you contact us or if a defective device covered by manufacturer warranty needs to be replaced.

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Doporučené komponenty pro tento typ místnosti


This media stele combines the highest functionality with elegant design, gives your room a prestigious look and provides perfect conditions for your meeting room to be equipped with modern conference room technology.


This very slim and elegant display has a black, narrow frame.


The trapezoidal table C12 - T320 offers you and your conference participants a clear view of the display and ensures optimal communication in all meeting and conference situations.


With its ergonomically designed shell, movable inner skeleton and slim design, this conference chair is not only particularly stylish, but also comfortable.


Is equipped with four 5K Ultra HD cameras, six built-in microphones for speaker tracking, and speakers optimized for speech and lip sync.

Easily control the videoconference, manage call schedules, embed presentations or manage data, with just one tap.


Wirelessly connect e.g. laptops to the video technology of the conference room with just one push of a button. Two participants can switch on their presentation with one click.

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Špičkové konferenční místnosti za měsíční sazbu - Schůzka jako služba (MaaS)

MaaS means giving DEKOM responsibility for providing defined services.
Rely on the expertise and experience of one of Europe's leading video conferencing specialists. Using our services, you receive an on-demand, ready-to-use video conferencing environment at transparent monthly costs - fully compatible, highly flexible and completely scalable.

VaaS - Video as a Service
Cloud video platform Ready to use - Plug and Play Three different DEKOM cloud services for your special security needs.

DaaS – Devices as a Service
Home & Office rates Ready to use - Plug and Play Whether in the home office or at your office workstation. These solutions work always and everywhere.

MaaS – Meeting as a Service
Meeting by Design All inclusive for your conference room. Depending on the size and number of people, choose your all inclusive rate for your conference room.

AVaaS – Audio-Video as a Service
Concept Meet For Individual Buildings and Premium Demands Individual conception, project and construction planning and execution in the premium segment.


Consulting on DEKOM MaaS

DEKOM - Meeting as a Service (MaaS) Included services:

  • planning
  • project planning
  • technical drawings
  • without any fuss or quibble guarantee
  • expert hotline
  • technology, always up to date
  • functions on demand
  • proactive service
Consulting on DEKOM MaaS