Cisco Telepresence MX700

The MX700 system come standard with a built-in amplifier and speaker system for the ultimate high fidelity sound. You can choose from a powerful single camera or an intelligent dual-camera speaker-tracking solution; both cameras deliver the best possible video imaging with up to1080p60 resolution. Premium resolution and dual display are also standard features on the MX700 . The intuitive Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 provides an ever so easy-to-use interface.

Industry standards compliance lets the MX700 support calls with any third party, standards-based system. 

Cisco Telepresence MX700

Technical details: Cisco Telepresence MX700

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„A major advantage of the e-learning platform is that our students gain very simple and immediate access to the recordings.“

Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen
Vice President Teaching, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg