VidyoRouter is an essential component of the VidyoConferencing infrastructure, developed expressly for the internet. VidyoRouter supports multiparty HD-Videoconferencing and  cares for high video quality with  integrated robustness with low latency. VidyoRouter can support up to 100 concurrent HD connections.

The patented Adaptive Video Layering technology and use of the H.264 SVC standard enables transcoding-free video packet processing, so video streams are dynamically optimized to the capabilities of each endpoint device and to network conditions. The result is telepresence quality conferencing for mobile, desktop and room system users.

The VidyoRouter Cloud Edition interlinks multiple routers and enables a higher scalability. WAN bandwidth requirement is minimized between different locations, and thus ensures a semlessly, secure firewall traversal. 

Technical details: VidyoRouter

Order number
LIC-SRV-RTR-VE-25 (Virtual Edition - 25 User)
LIC-SRV-RTR-VE-100 (Virtual Edition - 100 User)



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