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We no longer offer the product Lifesize Unity 50.

Lifesize Unity 50

The LifeSize Unity 50 is an all-in-one video conferencing solution for manager desks or home offices. All you need is a power supply and network connection, and Unity 50 is ready to use. The LifeSize Passport and Logitech HD camera integrated in the 24” HD monitor guarantee a trouble-free, high quality conference experience. The LifeSize Unity 50 can also be used as a high quality monitor for your PC or Mac and is ideal as a second monitor. Users can switch between functions at the touch of a button. As a personal terminal, the LifeSize Unity 50 supports intuitive name dialling (URI), presence information and real time search functions. Thanks to the use of the standardised SIP protocol, the LifeSize Unity 50 is also compatible with third-party systems and can be integrated into existing UC solutions.

Lifesize Unity 50
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