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Lifesize Passport

Small, light and universal – the LifeSize Passport is a high definition desktop system for single workstations. You don’t need an additional PC to be universally accessible. This professional IP video conferencing system comes pre-equipped with a high quality camera and a microphone (PTZ or fixed focus camera) and is soon ready for use due to the simplified configuration. The LifeSize Passport is suitable for providing all employees with cost-effective and comprehensive equipment and supplying home offices with telepresence quality video communications technology. The efficient hardware in the LifeSize Passport achieves real HD video quality, allowing natural and realistic interaction at just 1 Mbit/s bandwidth over an ordinary Internet connection. The compact design makes the LifeSize Passport an ideal product for workstations, small working groups, home workstations, as a mobile communications option while travelling and as an affordable endpoint connected with an MCU.

Lifesize Passport
DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner

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