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We no longer offer the product Lifesize Networker.

Lifesize Networker

LifeSize Networker is a technically sophisticated and economical all-in-one gateway for integrating IP and ISDN networks. LifeSize Networker provides several compact network interfaces and ensures seamless call handling between IP and ISDN networks from your LifeSize video conferencing system. The flexible configuration options offered by LifeSize Networker make it possible to work with one or multiple LifeSize video systems. LifeSize Networker allows you to offer users maximum connectivity, ensure seamless IP-to-ISDN calls, and use a highly effective network solution for your organisation. The gateway can either be connected directly to the relevant LifeSize video conferencing system or individually integrated into the network as a structural component. We recommend LifeSize Networker for companies who need to be able to conduct video conferences over the ISDN network.

Lifesize Networker
DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner

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