This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Lifesize Express 220. The successor product is Lifesize Icon 450.

Lifesize Express 220

LifeSize Express 220 is a full HD video communication system. Equipped with two digital video outputs, LifeSize Express 220 allows video and PC images to be displayed separately. This means that the presentation and destination remain simultaneously visible at optimum quality. LifeSize Express 220 supports full HD cameras, all LifeSize microphone options, and is optionally ISDN-capable – for maximum flexibility. LifeSize Express 220 provides the highest available resolution (1080p30), offers the best possible motion handling by halving the latency period (720p60) and allows parallel full motion video and content at 720p30. We recommend LifeSize Express 220 as a cost-effective point-to-point system for regular small group meetings, as well as for working groups and individual knowledge workers. The first in LifeSize’s high performance HD range, LifeSize Express 220 makes it possible to communicate at a high level, independent of location.

Lifesize Express 220
DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner

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