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We no longer offer the product LG Executive, powered by Lifesize.

LG Executive, powered by Lifesize

LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, is a compact all-in-one system for point-to-point video calls. Based on the reliable LifeSize Passport codec, it forms a compact and visually appealing unit with a 24” HD display, a fixed focus camera and a microphone and loudspeaker system. Everything is already incorporated into the system, with no unnecessary cables or scattered individual parts to distract attention. The display can also be used as a high quality LG PC monitor. Users can switch between video conference and monitor modes at the push of a button. There is no need to replace existing systems to take advantage of LG Executive, powered by LifeSize - it is fully compatible with existing video conferencing systems and can be integrated into your unified communication solution on request. LG Executive, powered by LifeSize combines the experience of manufacturer LG and video conferencing specialist LifeSize in an intelligent and optimised HD video conferencing solution. We recommend LG Executive as a single workstation solution, for example for teleworkers.

LG Executive, powered by Lifesize
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