DEKOM Media Presence System 170

The MPS 170 perfectly combines style and technology – a fully integrated telepresence system to meet the most exacting requirements. The intelligent overall design is based around a special contrast-enhancing glass panel with a rear-mounted exciter, which acts as a loudspeaker – and creates an outstandingly authentic listening experience. The camera and 70” display are almost completely hidden behind it. A professional full HD video conferencing system guarantees playback of the highest quality data signals and video images. All of the conferencing technology and video and audio processing components work silently behind elegant 19” drawers. All signals can be fully displayed – whether VGA, HDMI, DVI, FBAS, YC or RGB. Whatever source, resolution and application you need, the output can be screened independently or connected directly to a video conference at any time.

DEKOM Media Presence System 170

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