Avaya Scopia XT Meeting Center

Formerly known as Radvision Scopia XT Meeting Center

The Avaya Scopia XT Meeting Center is an all-in-one system, and provides full HD video quality at 60 frames per second, both on the video and parallel content channel. Based on the Scopia XT5000, it uses the tried and tested H.264 AVC and the extended scalable video codec (SVC) to significantly improve quality in difficult network situations. The system has a high quality PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom, 9-way multipoint capability and is extremely easy to operate using the optional iPad multi-touch control (Scopia Control). The Scopia XT Meeting Center is available as a 2x55” dual or 55” single monitor system, and its cascadable 3-way digital microphone pod makes it suitable for larger conference rooms too.

Avaya Scopia XT Meeting Center
DEKOM is certified Avaya Edge Sapphire Partner

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