Logitech ISE 2023: a presentation of achievements

At ISE 2023, the world's largest audio/video and systems integration trade show in Barcelona, Logitech presented its latest developments that are shaping the future of hybrid systems.

Logitech offers a new perspective on hybrid collaboration with new tools that provide a new level of workspace, ensuring that all participants can participate equally and work from anywhere, as this is the new reality of the modern world. Logitech is uniquely positioned to make work more productive and enjoyable.

Logitech Sight

Logitech has demonstrated its latest desktop camera, Logitech Sight. It's an AI-powered multi-party framing meeting camera that helps remote participants capture the smallest details of live video calls. A radically new approach to automatic framing and a better view of the meeting room for those joining remotely. And when combined with a video panel at the front of the room, Sight intelligently frames active talkers and non-verbal reactions simultaneously to promote more natural and interactive meetings.

Logi Dock docking station 

The Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station with meeting controls and speakerphone that simplifies setup and connectivity, eliminates the need for additional peripherals, eliminates cable tangles, and reduces desktop clutter. Almost 80% of Americans believe that clutter affects productivity, so this development is exactly what you need. The Logi Dock was recently named one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2022.

Rally - even more comfort and positive experience

Making workspaces more comfortable is a top priority for managers who want to drive teamwork success. The Rally family of cameras is designed to support a variety of video conferencing scenarios and integrates with leading cloud video platforms.

Logitech Collaboration

Partners participating in the Logitech Collaboration program were able to demonstrate their solutions with Logitech products, such as Rally Bar, Tap IP and Logi Dock, and showcase the achievements of the partnership, which is aimed at expanding the possibilities of collaboration in any space.

Google's booth showcased the latest generation of Logitech devices certified for Google Meet, as well as pre-configured room solutions that include Rally Bar, Tap, and Google Meet Compute to maximize the benefits of hybrid collaboration.

Logitech's Alex Mooney and Microsoft's Mo Khalifa co-presented the Discover Teams Rooms on Android session, showcasing Logitech products that complement the productivity of the Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android ecosystem.


Logitech showcased an incomparable set of solutions that only Logitech and Zoom can deliver. From personal workspaces to meeting rooms, Logitech has developed a wide range of solutions specifically for Zoom customers. At the exhibition, there was an opportunity to explore pre-designed scenarios to better understand the power of Zoom and Logitech through interactive lab sessions.

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