DEKOM Juno Series – Microsoft Teams Rooms made easy

Wireless presentations, interactive collaboration and hybrid meetings in the best picture & sound quality - all this does not have to be unspeakably expensive or complicated.

Within the last few years, we came to the conclusion that in 80% of conference rooms you can already create a professional and user-friendly meeting environment with a sophisticated basic concept.

That's why we say: Professional video conferencing is also easy - with our in-house DEKOM Juno Microsoft Teams Series.

Our young brand offers the ideal basic equipment for 90% of all conference room requirements in three appealing basic modules for different room sizes. The complete solution consists of a high-resolution screen and high-quality audio and video components - inconspicuously packaged in a stylishly designed media wall.

With this holistic solution, you are on the safe side if you want to integrate your rooms quickly and cost-effectively into your hybrid work concepts. Start today with the basic package and customize when and how you need it. Flexible, expandable, agile.

Fast delivery, training and, if you wish, as an all-round worry-free installation. Find out everything you need to know about DEKOM Juno Series for Microsoft Teams and make your no-obligation consultation appointment.

Of course, we are also happy to help you with the 20% more complex rooms.

 About the DEKOM Juno Series