Samsung QMF Series

Samsung QMF displays have been developed with the growing importance of digital signage in a professional context in mind. QMF Series displays offer lifelike 4K UHD resolution in a commercial-grade display that can be used reliably 24/7.

Available in 48 '' to 98 '', the UHD line-up is designed to deliver superior image quality in any environment. The versatile line-up of displays is specifically configured for each business application. The UHD displays provide a super sharp image with high pixel density which is perfect for displaying the finest details of images and videos in a hyper-realistic and immersive viewing experience.

The QMF series delivers four times the FHD resolution on the same screen, resulting in the most accurate details. More information can be displayed on a lower number of displays. The QMF series features a wide range of connectivity options, including the ability to display content from four separate devices on the same screen, without the need first merging the content on a PC.

Samsung QMF Series

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