Barco is a Belgian manufacturer of CRT, LCD and DLP projectors, LED screens / flat panel displays and beamers. Barco's visualization solutions cover the entire spectrum of conference and control rooms, defense such as aerospace, digital cinema, healthcare, media and entertainment as well as simulation and virtual reality.

Barco was founded in 1934 and is now the world market leader in the area of ​​visualization and screen solutions. In 2016, the company generated sales of EUR 1.102 billion. At the moment, Barco employs approximately 3,500 people, distributed worldwide in Europe, North America and East Asia. As a certified Gold Partner of Barco, we offer companies the entire ClickShare range, business beamer and video wallpapers.

Barco's projectors range is offered in a wide range of models. These projectors are usually equipped with a laser-phosphor light source and offer a high resolution and a long service life. Barco's Videowalls have been designed in a seamless optic to reflect your content in full color and high-quality, making your meetings, events and presentations ideal for your employees and customers. Barco ClickShare is the most innovative product from the manufacturer. With just one click on the ClickShare button, devices can be activated with the ClickShare from Barco. Thus each application can be navigated through a central administration and offers you the unique ClickShare experience.

DEKOM is certified Barco Gold Partner

Barco gold partner