Digital Signage

Inform, share, distribute... your message can be everywhere. Whether electronic posters, digital door signs, interactive customer guidance systems or large-screen projections - the use of digital media content in advertising and information systems is a cost-effective solution for effectively reaching target groups.

Sharp Display - digital Signage in the Fashion Store

Sony Display - digital Signage

Digitale Signage

The use of digital media content in advertising and information systems is omnipresent - found in the retail trade, banks, airports and stadiums. In some places, traditional media has been entirely replaced by electronic billboards, digital door plates, interactive customer guidance systems and large screen projections.

And it’s no wonder; digital signage is an effective and cost-efficient solution for reaching customers, potential customers or employees. More and more companies see digital signage as an important part of their internal communication. Videos, images, audio or live tickers can be played around the clock and specifically adapted at any time.

Last minute changes such as news or greetings can be inserted into customer-specific templates, displayed and managed from anywhere over the Internet. Sequential control schedules can be combined with customer specific software such as Outlook or room occupancy software. Not only do we supply and install high resolution LCD and plasma screens, OLED displays, rear and front projectors and information columns; we are also an ideal partner to create, edit and manage your content. Our system specialists configure individual digital signage solutions customised to your specific needs - and of course also train your employees.


Samsung LED Display - Digital Signage at the airport

Room Booking Systems for Conference Rooms

We program and install room booking systems of various sizes to optimise the control and use of your room capacities. They offer transparency for long term planning, flexibility for last minute changes, and also real added value for your events. Connected door plates and displays direct your employees and guests quickly and reliably to the appropriate room, whatever the time. Projectors, flipcharts and drinks can be ordered when reserving the room, and then charged to the relevant cost centre.

Even external service providers such as caterers or cleaners can be connected using appropriate software interfaces. Our tailor-made systems allow you to keep everything under control - and your employees, partners and guests to keep track.

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