Meeting Room

6 to 10 people

A meeting room should be one thing above all: cross-team and intuitive to use. Video communication here increasingly takes place with third parties outside the company, internal tools optimized for the workplace (such as Skype or MS Teams) are replaced by more open technologies such as Webex, professional Video or freemium services like Zoom. Connections here no longer take place directly between people, but between rooms. Table shapes are becoming more „elongated“ to accommodate a larger number of participants, displays more numerous and larger.

Every employee should be able to book a meeting room without training and use the technology without assistance.

Meeting rooms consist of individual components, such as whiteboards, PCs, video conferencing room systems, room controls, etc., as partial areas of all requirements must be met as far as possible. As the lowest common denominator of all teams, the meeting room is more of an 80% solution of all requirements than a 100% solution of one.

Below you will find the technology we recommend for meeting rooms. Of course we are also happy to advise you.



Turnkey conference room concepts

On our Room & Technology page, we present fully equipped workspaces of all types and sizes. Our holistic solution proposals include all important components such as technology, furniture and services. From meeting points to huddle rooms to boardrooms, there is something for every need.

See how you can turn your meeting room into a place for cross-team collaboration with our sample offerings:

Are you looking for an individual solution?

No problem. As a professional company with decades of experience in the field of video conferencing and media technology, we design contemporary solutions for every area of your company that are adapted and tailored to your requirements.

Our experts will be happy to advise you and act as a strong partner in the planning, installation and implementation of your project.