Conference Room

8 to 12 people

Conference rooms are designed for classic collaboration methods in a digital world. Passing the pen from New York to Singapore or even just from Hamburg to Berlin, writing an idea on a card in Munich and placing it on a surface in Hamburg, or coordinating a team-building measure between Bad Oldesloh, Kassel and Cottbus - these are all tasks and capabilities of a modern conference room.

Companies facing digitization often start at the conference room, as this is where old learned methods that rely heavily on location need to be replaced by location-independent, digital solutions and new ways of working together. Thus, a fully digitized conference room is the supreme discipline. Digital multi-stream canvas systems link every source, every room worldwide, every video image on a large, partially virtual work surface and make the conference room in our century again what it always was: a center of collaboration and the birthplace of innovation and change and thus of digitalization.

Below we show you which technology we recommend for a conference room. We would also be happy to advise you individually.



Turnkey conference room concepts

On our Room & Technology page, we present fully equipped workspaces of all types and sizes. Our holistic solution proposals include all important components such as technology, furniture and services. From meeting points to huddle rooms to boardrooms, there is something for every need.

Take a look at our sample offerings to see how you can turn your conference room into a place for location-independent collaboration:

Are you looking for an individual solution?

No problem. As a professional company with decades of experience in the field of video conferencing and media technology, we design contemporary solutions for every area of your company that are adapted and tailored to your requirements.

Our experts will be happy to advise you and act as a strong partner in the planning, installation and implementation of your project.