RingCentral adds best-in-class cloud telephony to your MS Teams

Merge powerful cloud telephony into your familiar Microsoft Teams environment. By combining both platforms within one environment, you''ll achieve a high-quality, end-to-end communications system. This enables calls using the Teams app on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone, plus all of RingCentral's popular phone system features. This feature makes the RingCentral - Teams integration an ideal tool for the hybrid workplace.

What's RingCentral?

RingCentral is a cloud-based UCaaS platform for businesses of all sizes. From SMEs to billion-dollar corporations with global locations, each will find a suitable licensing model for their individual needs. The software vendor focuses on the field of telephone. Alongside the all-in-one MVP (Message, Video, Phone) communications software, a contact center and add-on licenses, for instance RingCentral Rooms, are also a part of their portfolio. Thanks to the platform's open API, popular applications can be embedded as well. Thus, you can use many Microsoft apps, such as 365, a CRM, customer support or automation applications directly within RingCentral.

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What is in it for RingCentral as a Teams integration?

Soft Dialer in MS Teams and exciting analyses

With RingCentral as a Microsoft Teams integration, you can make internal and external calls directly in your Teams app. The integrated soft dialer makes physical phones obsolete, making the integration of the two apps an ideal solution to work from anywhere.

RingCentral transfers all your contacts and past calls. With RingCentral for Teams, you can make calls from all over the world,  send SMS, voicemails, and faxes.

Additionally, RingCentral's analytics capabilities give you exciting insights into your call activity. Not only can you see how much internal and external calls were made, but you can also get an overview of call performance or customer retention during the call, for example, by measuring call times, call volume or waiting times.

100% scalable and global

With its maximum scalability, RingCentral adapts to your company's growth. For example, if you are expanding and would like to use more of the vendor's offerings, you can easily order additional licenses. RingCentral Cloud PBX is available in over 40 countries and 18 languages, and international phone numbers can be set up in up to 100 countries.

High security & reliability

According to its SLA, RingCentral promises a 99.9995 uptime. This translates to only 6 minutes of downtime throughout an entire year, making RingCentral one of the most reliable cloud phone providers in the world. The analytics tool gives an in-depth overview of the call quality. Thus, you can identify exactly when and under what conditions an error occurs, down to the minute. All calls are end-to-end encrypted and compliant with current security requirements.

RingCentral Bot for improved efficiency

Use RingCentral Bot to start an audio or video conference, log in or out, and search for additional RingCentral Bot commands by issuing simple commands. All you need to do is type @Ringcentral with one of the following commands:

Call - Start a RingCentral conference call

Meet - Start a RingCentral video conference

Login - Login 

Logout - Logout

Help - Bring back the RingCentral Bot

How do you integrate RingCentral into Teams?

It' s easy to integrate RingCentral with Teams; all you need is a Microsoft 365 or Teams license and a RingCentral license

How to install RingCentral for MS Teams


  1.  Use the direct link to the app: RingCentral im MS Teams Store

  2.  Download RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

  3.  Integrate your RingCentral account with your Microsoft Teams account  

  4.  Log in to RingCentral in the upper box

  5.  Authorize Microsoft at the same window  

  6.  Download the RingCentral app

  7.  Get started straight away


Exciting use cases on how the RingCentral Teams integration has already had a significant impact

Howard Kennedy

Howard Kennedy is one of the most respected UK law firms.  Not only does the firm represent clients in England, but also worldwide in Europe, China, India, North America, Africa and the Middle East.

Throughout the last few years, the firm underwent significant expansion. As part of this, a more mobile working environment needed to be created. A total of seven different communications platforms were deployed to ensure that most needs were covered. Nevertheless, telephony continued to be handled in the traditional way.

With the integration of RingCentral, all seven platforms could be integrated into one, allowing employees to work much more efficiently. 

The project was conducted by the IT service provider Bytes.

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FE Fundinfo

FE Fundinfo connects fund managers and fund distributors around the world, providing investors and financial advisors with trusted financial data.

After a reorganization with global offices, they needed a more efficient way to communicate. Previously, no UC platform existed, relying instead on on-premise phone systems. With the pandemic, that was no longer an option, so Microsoft Teams was put in place. Teams offered a solid option, but couldn't address the need for a global, feature-rich cloud phone system.
After in-depth research, FE Fundinfo discovered RingCentral Cloud Telephone System for Microsoft Teams and implemented the solution.

Thanks to the Teams integration, they now have an intuitive all-in-one solution that requires no additional hardware.

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