This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product VidyoPanorama.


VidyoPanorama enables widespread telepresence-interactions with 1080/60fps on up to 20 monitors. This makes cooperation possible anywhere, where an internet connection can be established. Whether it be on mobile devices (such as an iPad, iPhone or Android), Desktops (Win, Mac, Linux), room systems or in specific telepresence-rooms. There is no need for an MCU due to the patented Advanced Video Layering technology, which dynamically optimizes video streams.

Due to its high flexibility, VidyoPanorama supports various applications which are not possible with traditional telepresence-solutions. This flexibility supports unique configurations, which can be adjusted for every room, layout or video businessprocess. We are recommending VidyoPanorama as a solution for uses such as:

  • Operation management center for manufacturing or supply chain management
  • Command center for disaster management or military uses
  • Patient monitoring in infirmaries
  • Distance learning with several experts or lecturer for distant or rural regions
  • Virtual trading rooms for financial services for the real time coordination of strategies in different countries