This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product StarLeaf Medley.

StarLeaf Medley

StarLeaf Medley is a free service that allows Skype for Business users to invite any third-party system to join their meeting. Premium connection services deliver complete integration providing a seamless experience. Skype for Business compatibility is covered, where users normally hit the interop brick wall, where there’s no connectivity with traditional AV meeting rooms. No plug-ins, no additional hardware or downloads needed to set up a secure and encrypted video meeting. Forward your Skype Meeting invite and automatically receive third party endpoint dial-in instructions.

Medley can be accessed by any Skype Meeting organizer, who in one simple step can invite any number of internal or external third-party video systems to join their meeting. Video equipment from Cisco, Lifesize or Polycom, etc., can be invited and connected directly into a Skype Meeting.

Alongside the free Medley service, StarLeaf also offers premium services that incorporate enterprise’s existing video systems into the Skype for Business environment. These premium services make those existing systems integral to the Skype Meeting workflow, giving users a consistent and familiar experience when scheduling meetings in Outlook.

StarLeaf Medley
DEKOM is certified StarLeaf Premier Partner