This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product SONY PCS-XG55.


The SONY PCS-XG55 is a powerful, affordable, and compact HD videoconference system. The PCS-XG55 achieves 720p HD video quality with a maximum frame rate of 60 fps, making your style of everyday business communication more effective, productive, and comfortable.

The HD camera of the PCS-XG55 adopts Sony-developed BrightFaceTM technology, which produces clear images even when used in rooms with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The unit also features clear and natural sounding stereo audio, allowing you to hold stress-free videoconferences with “real communication” as if you were talking in the same room.

Moreover, the PCS-XG55 offers a number of other features for user convenience, such as a one-touch dialing feature
for starting a videoconference, an HDMI interface allowing a single cable connection between the codec and display, and stress-free operation using the RF Remote CommanderTM unit.